The gloves are off: How to sell in a depressed market?

for-sale-2-brightSo now we had set about a chain of events that might make the pigeon house ours. But first we had to figure out how to how to sell our house in a depressed climate? The answers were very clear, they just weren’t very easy. Continue reading

Horray for bunting…who doesn’t love a party?

buntingIt’s a well-known fact that here in Ireland we are fixated with the weather. We spend a disproportionate amount of time conversing about it, listening to the forecasts on the radio and waiting to hear what Jean Byrne has to say (and see what’s she’s wearing) after the 9pm news. Recently we had unseasonably hot and amazing weather. (the blue sky in the photos below are NOT photoshopped). We had 7 days of mostly smiling happy people. I say mostly because I did meet a few very grumpy people in the course of the week. (They were stuck inside working and convinced that the rest of the entire country had somehow downed tools and was sunbathing). Continue reading

Clearly I have a one track mind…

Having viewed it, we couldn’t stop thinking about the pigeon house. It was complete madness. We were already living in our dream home. We are both architects and designed a brand new house for ourselves only seven years years earlier, having bought a used car lot with some friends. Continue reading

The Joy of Upcycling

IMG_0242There is recycling and then there is upcycling. We are all familiar with recycling in the home but upcycling is something else entirely.

The “Upcycling Movement” definition of upcycling is as follows:“…the repurposing of items that may otherwise be seen as “waste”. It is the process of converting these materials or “useless” products of higher value and quality, giving them a new purpose and most importantly avoiding adding them to landfill.”

I like to think of it as making something even better (sometimes more useful, sometimes prettier) than it was before. Continue reading

How do you know about these things?

herman wPeople often ask me when I have purchased something whether from a shop, at an auction or an exhibition “how do you know about these things?” I have been known to buy a wide range of interiors (and exteriors) items on line but I also source a lot of products locally in shops and in auctions. So how do I know about auctions? Well I read the papers, I attend auctions and exhibitions and I put my name down on mailing lists so I am informed about the next upcoming event. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain as well as keeping a sharp eye on new lines coming into stores. Sometimes it’s possible to spot a wonderful design item obscured in a sea of mundanity. Continue reading