It’s a boy!

welcomeAt any one time I am working on up to a dozen blog posts. I don’t ever want to feel panicked into “Oh my God what am I going to write about this week”? After all, this is supposed to be fun! Therefore something I write in June may not appear until September, for example. I always knew that there would be seasonal things that would change (obviously I am not going to write about my summer barbecue in December or Christmas decorations in July) but broadly speaking I can be somewhat prepared. Continue reading

Storage Jars : A place for everything…

IMG_0144…and everything in its place. This phrase is variously associated with Samuel Smiles, Mrs Isabella Beeton and Benjamin Franklin. The Oxford Book of Quotations dates it from the 17th century. If only life were so simple. On the one hand I admit to being borderline OCD (a misnomer if ever there was one), on the other I can live with chaos in between massive clean ups. One way to achieve a place for everything is through clever storage solutions. This ranges from built-in wardrobes and storage cupboards throughout the house to the containers you put into these storage areas. Continue reading

Al Fresco Entertaining.

snack timeSo, the forecast is good. I don’t know about you but whenever we have good weather for a few days by the time I get around to organising having people over to dine al fresco, it rains. Well no excuses this week! Continue reading

Multi-tasking: It’s not just for people you know…

It seems that we are all expected to multi-task these days. Somehow we are expected to be able to be everything: run a household and keep down a job, make the dinner and supervise the homework, carry on a phone conversation whilst typing an email at the same time. It never seems to end. Continue reading