It’s a boy!

welcomeAt any one time I am working on up to a dozen blog posts. I don’t ever want to feel panicked into “Oh my God what am I going to write about this week”? After all, this is supposed to be fun! Therefore something I write in June may not appear until September, for example. I always knew that there would be seasonal things that would change (obviously I am not going to write about my summer barbecue in December or Christmas decorations in July) but broadly speaking I can be somewhat prepared.

However things keep getting in the way. Who could have predicted endless weeks of blissful sunshine for example and the need to dash outside and do a piece on al fresco dining. (my family are still teasing me, as they came home to find the garden littered with tables set all over the place. I’ll never live down the “table a deux”!) This week the papers are full of the new Prince, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. You might say that this could, of course have been predicted but I for one would not have predicted the amount of newspaper headlines and typeface that would be written all over Ireland as well as the rest of the world, not to mention my own interest in every detail!  From the New York Times to the Huffington Post, from the Sydney Morning Herald, headlines across the world covered the event. Even Niagara Falls was illuminated with blue light!


Here in Ireland, royal baby photos made the front pages of most of the available papers.

This interest in all things royal got me thinking about the infiltration of royal items into our everyday lives as well as our homes. Take yesterday for example. When all this talk of the impending news was going on, I was having a delightful lunch in one of my favourite cafes in Dublin, Bibi’s just off the South Circular Road. (I used to live at the end of the street but sadly it didn’t exist then). Anyway I had the most fantastic toasted gooey coronation chicken sandwich. (seriously you have to try it and then you will believe me) Apparently coronation chicken was first prepared for the banquet of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. I’m pretty sure that the last time I even heard of this item was c. the 1970’s which just goes to show the cyclical nature of fashion can extend to all things. (and how ancient I am!)

bibis cafe

Bibi’s, 14b Emorville Avenue, Dublin 8

Now I am definitely not what one might call a Royalist in any way (although I do have some Scottish blood in me) but from glancing around my home I spotted a few pieces of royal (ish) paraphernalia: From the mugs in the kitchen to the “keep calm” tea towels. Nothing major but there they are all the same. You see, the current trend for retro combined with frugality to do with the recession has inspired a whole collection of war time motto’s being reinserted into our lives. Here in Ireland we have our own versions…


Image from


Image from

All of this got me thinking about chic, well design gifts for the home for the new born, with a royal twist, obviously. I was thinking that if you know someone who has had their own little prince or princess recently it might be nice to get them a present that not only celebrates their birth but also commemorates the fact that this year, the year they were born, the world was immersed in royal fever. Of course, if Will and Kate would like more detailed advice on doing up the nursery I’m available to do that too…) These are (just some) of the items I came across. Enjoy!

Ps. I believe there is an official commemorative silver spoon to be issued. What else?!.

preview_limited-edition-personalised-royal-baby-card (1)

Hats off to Megan Claire for getting this limited edition item off so quickly. However, it can also be personalised for your own prince!


Prince George may just have to visit his granny to see the real thing but your little one could have these guys in their bedroom.

Available from


Get your lineage sorted with this papercut family tree. Available from


Cushions are a great accessory any bedroom. This personalised typographic one is available from


Somehow framing an email isn’t quite the same. Record the arrival with a telegram instead. Available from


Wall stickers are a great way to create impact. This once upon a time one is available from


Another wall sticker for the nursery! From Megan Claire and available to purchase at


A personalised print to celebrate the new arrival available from

Shopping List:  14b Emorville Avenue, Dublin 8, Ireland feck it its grand

(If you are lucky enough to live in Dublin then call in to the Designist shop at 68 South Great Georges Street , Dublin 2, Ireland  for an amazing range of well designed, well priced objects for the home.) keep going its grand for all of the following items (and lots more…)

Royal Baby Style Typographic Cushion by the letteroom

Personalised ‘1st Class Delivery’ Birth Printby Wordplay Design

Queen’s Guard Soldier Vinyl Wall Sticker by Oakdene Designs

Personalised Boy’s Name Print by Little Foundry

Once Upon A Time… Prince’ Wall Sticker by Wall Decals UK by Gem Designs

Large Personalised Family Tree Papercut by Eticuts

Little prince wall sticker by Megan Claire

Personalised telegram print by PaperPaper

“Welcome to the world little one” , greeting card by Toby Tiger

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