Just when we thought we were sorted…

chance 3

I know that to some people the story of our house purchase is dull as dish water but I also know that others are interested in the story so it is with apologies to some people that I continue. (I promise there will in time be nice pictures and design tips). I am also telling the story so that if you are thinking of moving, that you might take heart from the fact that things don’t always go smoothly and that there are always risks involved, but if one thing falls through there is always another house possible. Continue reading

It’s that time of year again…

back to schoolRegardless of whether you yourself or anybody connected to you is heading back to school next week it’s hard to deny that the end of the summer and start of September is something of a new beginning. For once at least we have had our fix of sunshine and might just be able to contemplate the leaves beginning to fall and the evenings getting a little shorter.  Continue reading

You win some, you lose some…

flowersThe dilapidated house we were interested in purchasing went “Sale Agreed”. We both agreed that it was probably for the best. A lucky miss. Who knows what would have lain beneath. We didn’t need the stress. We were really only interested in moving for that house, so we decided that, for the moment at least we were staying put and we reveled in the fact that we no longer had to accommodate viewings. Continue reading

Coastal Style

rosslare mantelpiece detail

This week I am on holidays. By the sea. In Ireland. It’s raining but soft rain as we say here. Therapeutic (or so I try to convince myself). After some difficulty I finally got my mobile broadband sorted and am once again connected to the world. Let the blogging commence!

Continue reading

how to stage your home (or how to move house without moving)

stairsWe finally decided to go ahead with a viewing of our house to some prospective purchasers. I had cleaned the house till it gleamed. What started out as a dust and tidy turned into a manic re-organisational spree.

The pictures that have been on the floor for months (make that years) have been hung. Shelves have been de-cluttered, cushions arranged and candles lit. The entire house may not quite have had a feng shui makeover but there is an air of calm and (relative) sophistication. Continue reading