On the move, again

envelopeThe date for moving house was set, again. So it was time to get organised. To set the record straight I never said this was not a stressful business, it is. What I did say was that we (as in my husband and I) tend to convince ourselves that the inevitable stress and anxiety is worth it. There are always unforeseen things that can happen. The move itself however does not necessarily have to be too stressful as there is plenty you can do in advance to help make it go as smoothly as possible. One of the most annoying parts of moving house is making sure that all your mail moves with you. Continue reading

Tonight we own the night.

logoOk, so I might be stealing a line from The Wanted but this week’s blog really couldn’t be about anything else except Culture Night. You see tomorrow Friday 20th September is Culture Night in Ireland. To those of you unfamiliar with the concept it involves an evening (usually 6-10 pm or so) where the doors (and pavements) are thrown open and the person on the street (that’s you!) is welcomed in to enjoy, admire, listen, inhale and gently absorb the richness and the beauty that is our culture. Continue reading

The world as I see it…

featured image

I love maps and in the past I have used maps as interior decoration both as design features as well as historical and educational tools. These can range from being a riot of colour to black and white calm sophistication. They can be small and arranged in frames individually or as a collection of framed prints. In this post I will share some ideas for large scale maps which can make a statement in a room.
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All about Apple…. (and I don’t mean phones)

 apple farm

This week I am going to digress a little. I did explain that I love food so it was inevitable that it would come in sooner or later. But now I have a confession to make. Since I started this blog I am cooking less. Cooking and gardening have always been my therapy. I don’t go to the gym or play tennis to unwind, I just end up in the kitchen and enjoy putting together something from nothing. Or planning an extensive menu for a large bunch of people. That’s still not a problem; it’s the family dinners after a day’s work that are killing me. Continue reading