The world as I see it…

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I love maps and in the past I have used maps as interior decoration both as design features as well as historical and educational tools. These can range from being a riot of colour to black and white calm sophistication. They can be small and arranged in frames individually or as a collection of framed prints. In this post I will share some ideas for large scale maps which can make a statement in a room.

Geography has never been my strong point and I have found it really useful as well as (I think) beautiful to cover an entire wall with a map of the world.

den church lane

I used this large scale map to cover an entire wall which proved to be great fun as well as informative. It’s amazing how many times an item comes up in the news and you are not quite sure where that city or country is, but with this map you can check it out in no time!

It’s also great for planning your holidays or just following your friends and family as they globetrot. We have spent hours debating where a certain person is or which city is the capital of which country. And how Greenland is not green but white! There is a time bar along the bottom indicating how many hours plus or minus GMT the location is. The map comes in rolls just like wallpaper so that it can be erected with whatever part of the world you are located in at the centre. How cool is that!

(be sure to check your room dimensions carefully before you purchase, no point in buying it if you are going to have to leave out half of Asia, or Europe or wherever)

It measures: 396cm x 264cm and costs £120 Code: C810 and is available from E.W Moore.

In another project I have taken this love of maps on again but this time with a new twist. Wall stickers are a current trend that offer a fun and (relatively) simple way of making an impact. (Watch this space, more to come on this subject later)

den map cropped

In this room I used white stickers on a coloured wall to create a fairly dramatic effect. It is balanced by the white walls in the rest of the room. Whilst not being as detailed at the earlier map it covers all the basics in terms of country locations. The map also comes as a black sticker which can be placed on a white or pale coloured wall.

(only order this if your marriage is extremely stable, and/or have a very good friend, it requires two very tolerant people, or an expert to put it up!)

This map measures 175cm x 108cm and it costs £110 from Sunny Side Up, through the Not on the High street website, details below.

I used these in TV rooms but children’s bedrooms are a great place for them also. One map I think is fantastic is the “World Scratch Map”. This is a glittering gold map in foil allowing you to scratch the surface to reveal the destinations you have visited. It is smaller than the other maps so great for when space is limited. The map starts out as a gold map and gradually becomes more and more colourful as you reveal more and more destinations. I have to confess a part of me was loathe to purchase this map as I didn’t want to start a competition among my children as to who has already or will in the future travel to the most countries. However this notion was quickly put aside when I realised there is an app for your phone which does just that anyway!

world scratch map

This map measures 83cm x 59cm and it costs £13.50 from Pedlars.

Surface view is another company that has a selection of wall murals and vintage maps ranging from world surface routes to charts of the world and others. These can be customised to suit your own required size and cost £55 per square meter.

surface view map1

Another alternative is to simply use small posters (or in this case wrapping paper) to cover a wall of a room. In this guest bathroom, I used a variety of vintage maps of cities to “wallpaper” a wall in an overlapping style. Avoca shops throughout Ireland have a range wrapping paper / posters that are similar to these.


So there you have it. The range of posters and wallpapers is so vast that is was almost impossible to come up with a shortlist. There are literally thousands of places you can buy maps and with the creation of digital imaging it’s obviously possible to make wallpaper out of any image. If you have a personal favourite why not share it in the comment box below with others who may enjoy it.

Where to get the stuff:

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  1. Love this post Nicki – I remember you buying that wonderful wrapping paper, but little did I think it would end up as the most amazing wallpaper 🙂 Niamh

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