On the move, again

envelopeThe date for moving house was set, again. So it was time to get organised. To set the record straight I never said this was not a stressful business, it is. What I did say was that we (as in my husband and I) tend to convince ourselves that the inevitable stress and anxiety is worth it. There are always unforeseen things that can happen. The move itself however does not necessarily have to be too stressful as there is plenty you can do in advance to help make it go as smoothly as possible. One of the most annoying parts of moving house is making sure that all your mail moves with you.

My father-in-law had an expression “the shortest list is better than the longest pencil”? I love lists, they make me at least feel like I am in control, even if I am not. I have moved house a few times and I have a system that seems to work for me when it comes to notifying everyone that you will no longer be at your current address. This tends to fall into two categories: family/friends and official stuff. For official stuff, I tend to make lists divided up in terms of categories. That  way I can note the details of all the required companies/people as well as the date that I have completed the actual task. Some companies will accept an email whilst others require a letter with a signature.

Many of these can be done in advance of the move, bearing in mind it often takes time to get your computer and internet services up and running after the move, so it is best to do as much as you can in advance. The categories I work with are listed below. Obviously each person will have to tailor it to suit their own circumstances.


an postNo matter how much you think you have changed all your addresses there are always things that you forget and that also slip through despite your best efforts. (ie ignored by the company you have notified, it happens more than you think!) This is where the postal re-direction service comes in. In Ireland this can be done by filling in a form from your local post office and paying a fee. The amount depends on the duration, with 3, 6 and 12 month options available. In this age of identity theft, this is a really reassuring way of ensuring your mail does not get lost. Any items that have slipped through simply get redirected to your new address. It’s important when you move that you make a note of the names of any companies/ items that have been redirected in order that they you can then change them for the future. That way everything is sure to be sorted within a few months.

When it comes to notifying family and friends, emails, texts, social media make it easy enough. But a nice alternative is to get some smart personalised change of address cards made. It’s a lovely way to let them know you are moving by sending your new address and contact details. It also lets them share in your excitement! There are lots of options but these are just  a couple that caught my eye.


Here, Rosie Robbins has created a eye catching typographic card which she will personalise for you, including you on a list of other “A list” addresses! Simply tell her the name/s that you would like.

lottie lane

I love these cards by Lottie Lane with her quirky little house drawings. To get them, you fill in your personal information for the change of address notelet, and then choose the font and envelope colour you would like. She can send a proof via email, before she prints if you wish.


These cheerful beach huts are by  Lucy Sheeran who has a range of colourful options to choose from. You can show any personal information such as your new address, phone number, email address, or any wording that is relevant to your new home. Once you’ve placed your order, she will also email a proof to you and then post them to you the day after you sign off your proof.

In our case with just a few weeks to go to our move date we had secured a rental house. This was necessary while major renovation works were carried out to the uninhabitable pigeon house. Finding one was not as easy as I had anticipated. Since the housing market collapse there were a lot less houses available to rent. The one we eventually found was perfect for us, with space to store a lot of our furniture. It also meant we would not have to unpack everything.

With that done I started to work my way through the change of address lists and we commenced eating our way through the contents of the freezer…

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