It’s a wrap!

IMG_2517 2It’s December 22nd 2013. Only 3 sleeps to go! Hopefully most of your present shopping has been completed and all that’s left to do is lots of wrapping of gifts and placing them under the tree. If you have done all that but still haven’t managed to buy your wrapping paper then don’t rush out, just do what I plan to do and dip into your green (recycling) bin.

This year, in the spirit of

  1. being creative
  2. being eco friendly
  3. being cheap

I am wrapping my family Christmas presents in newspaper.

Over the years I have done the usual “arty” types of wrapping: brown paper, black and white, all silver etc etc. One year a long time ago I even stayed up all night making boxes out of white model making card. You see I had bought each member of my family a book. I had submitted my Christmas project for college but had run out of time to make the model to go with it. As a result I had a lot of white card looking at me. So I made a box exactly to suit the size of each book and wrapped each box in ribbon.

Daft of course, but they looked good. Appreciated? I’m not sure!

But this year it’s newspapers. Add in any ribbon or string you have in the house and get cutting.

Boring! I hear you say. However this is not quite as easy as it seems. You see they still have to look good. I mean really good.

What you need:


Pile of newspapers including the supplements that come with them.


Scissors, Stapler, Selotape, any ribbon or string you happen to have. I had some Tiger shop coloured labels as well as some plain brown ones from Easons.


When wrapping the parcels I placed the item on the diagonal.


This way the newspaper columns were not trying to line up straight at the edges and the end result is a little more interesting. This also avoids trying to line up the edges of any text straight.


Add some string or ribbon and hey presto.

If you wish you could make a paper bow to jazz things up a little.

To do this simply cut some strips of paper.


Fold the newspaper in half and cut strips approx 2 cm or ¾ ” wide .

No need to measure or anything like that, it’s very forgiving.

Then cut these lengthways into smaller pieces. Mine were about 12cm or 5”but it depends on the size of parcel/bow you wish to make.


Then bend over the strips using 3 to 4 pieces of paper at a time and secure in place with selotape.

When you have 6 or 7 of these done then group them in a circle and staple the centre piece.

Next do a second lot in the same manner making then slightly smaller and sit them on top of the others placed in between the “leaves” of the rosette.

photo (2)

Most of the time, the news in the newspaper can be quite depressing. I try to avoid those pieces if possible. In our house we tried to (somewhat) match the parts of the newspaper to the person in question. The Sports section for my sports mad nephews for example, the Property section for my husband, the Motoring section for my youngest daughter, the Style magazine for another, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

This part actually gave rise to lots of discussion in our house as we dissected the pile of newspapers. Pad (my Dad) is getting all the crosswords from the last week as he is an avid crossword fan and rings us all regularly with a crossword query. (there is no danger of him reading this!)

Although I used tags to put names on the presents, I actually think it would be more fun not to put any on. That way people should have to guess who the present is for based on the information contained on the wrapping paper…

I dare my family to guess who these presents are for!

IMG_2523IMG_2524IMG_2522IMG_2521IMG_2517 1

That’s it for now. All that’s left is thank you for being with me on my debut year of blogging and to wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year ahead. Nicki x

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