It’s not all black and white.

chalkIt’s official. Chalkboards have left our classrooms. In their place are white boards. Squeaky clean but without the squeak if you know what I mean. And then of course there are more and more of the fancy interactive types, linked to your computer and capable of even talking to you. Well it seems to me that just as soon as chalkboards left our classrooms they took up residence in our homes!

Not in the 1+1 sense, but as really useful ways of helping to organise our lives and our stuff. I have used blackboard paint to create blackboards on walls, boxes, even scrap timber. It’s easy to use, relatively inexpensive and can be used in multiple ways, making it a really versatile piece of equipment to have in your home.

Here are just a few ideas of how you might use it.


In our family there are so many comings and goings it’s hard to keep track of who should be where and when. A large notice board in the kitchen or even on the inside of a cupboard can be a big help. For this you can use a sheet of timber such as plywood or mdf or you can just paint directly onto the wall as I have done. (to do this ensure the surface is clean and matt ie not vinyl.)

What you will require:

Chalkboard paint

Masking tape


IMG_2151 1

Tins of blackboard paint come in half litre as well as one litre sizes. However, you don’t have to stick to black.

IMG_0242 1

The Annie Sloan range of paints comes in a large range of colours all of which can serve the same purpose.

To make a home notice board first measure out the area you wish to mark out in pencil. Then use masking tape to create the outline before painting in the area you have mapped out. Make sure you cover the floor area in front to catch any drips. Wait for the paint to dry before giving a second coat.


Carefully peel off the masking tape.



When creating a noticeboard for my family I use Pentel liquid chalk markers to write the days of the week and any other items that don’t change every week. They come in white and a variety of colours.


I use regular chalk for the things that do change each week. That way when you rub out items you don’t need to keep re-writing all the same old things again and again.


I use a pencil to give guidelines for the text, even if I don’t stay within them, it still helps to make it appear somewhat uniform! (with apologies for the poor flash photography!)


My finished notice board. (before the mess of the daily routine goes onto it!)


Or it could just as easily be a shopping list or a menu perhaps?

After a while it gets very messy, so you simply paint over it again.


I’ve gone through lots of variations over the years…

If all this seems like too much trouble then you can always buy a blackboard style sticker.


This one is from the Brume website. It’s very easy to put up and rubs out perfectly time after time. I have this on the back of my larder door. When an items runs out the kids write up the item on the board and I photograph it before I go shopping.


Another use for Blackboard paint is to paint timber boxes and then paint them with blackboard paint to help organise things.


Before: chaos reigns


I had some old wine boxes that were packed with the kids paint brushes, stationery etc.


as well as some storage boxes purchased in Ikea


Painted with blackboard paint they help organise the above chaos into something a lot more manageable.


With this mini drawer set from Ikea I can now actually find things. Or rather I could if anybody ever put the things back in when they take them out….


Some more boxes…

Now it’s your turn to get a little bit more organised…

Where to get the stuff?

Black board paint: available in any good hardware store!

Chalkboard liquid markers: I got mine from

Wine boxes and crates from your local wine shop or from www.crates4you

Ikea boxes well, from

Blackboard stickers

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