This week the clocks go forward…

my clock…and the evenings get brighter. I know there are lots of schools of thought for and against this, from the effect of the change on road safety to an increased risk of heart attack. (don’t ask me, I’m not a doctor!) From my own point of view I’ll take the longer, brighter evenings any time. Though looking out my window right now at the dark and gloomy sky you would never guess that Spring is allegedly here. In my house however, the clock won’t go forward. Or at least, not in my kitchen. You see this week it died. Of course I thought it was the battery but after replacing it I quickly discovered that it is officially not working. Kaput as they say. So it’s time (sorry!) for a new one and I thought I would share my shortlist of proposals with you. Continue reading

It’s not from the ground I get it….

IMG_20140323_0001We Irish have a unique way of expressing ourselves through the spoken word. If you haven’t heard the above expression before I should explain that it refers to something that one might inherit from a parent or grandparent. Personally, I blame my grandmother. My grandparents moved house 13 times. Not a record by any means I’m sure. However, this occurred over an 8 year period, after my grandfather had retired from the County Donegal Railways.

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Kitchen Confidential Part 2:

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIALIt may seem obvious or even easy given the content of my previous post, but in fact getting the layout right in the kitchen /dining area takes a lot of thought and effort. Whilst the design triangle does help there are so many things to be taken into consideration. When it came to designing the layout in the pigeon house I had a couple of priorities.

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Kitchen Confidential Part 1:The Big (triangular) Picture

0022No blog posts for a while due to work constraints so forgive me if I blast these three in a row. If your desire is to lose pounds or kilos while you are in your kitchen then by all means put your fridge, hob, and sink as far away from each other as possible when planning it. If however, you do not want to run a half marathon every time you cook a meal, then opting for the efficient “work triangle” is the best option. You see, it really is the measure of kitchen efficiency, creating the ideal work flow. You simply trace a triangle between the fridge, hob and sink and you get the best working kitchen possible. Ideally the distance traveled  in total between the three should not exceed 6 meters (c.19’8”) (if you are being picky then an equilateral triangle probably works best, but it still works well if one or two sides are longer than the other.) Continue reading