Tied for something to do?

IMG_3374At the moment there are two situations in my house: kids summer holidays and lovely weather. A great opportunity to get creative outside. A couple of years ago I spent a day tie dying with my children and a bunch of their friends. It’s a  wet and messy business but a lot of fun and the anticipation of what masterpiece you may or may not have created lasts till the very end! Now that they are older they just need me to provide the materials which are not too tricky to source. So that is what I did and these are the results. Continue reading

Al fresco table style

This year I am blessed to have great growth in my garden. The planting that we put in over the last couple of years has begun to show some colour. The result is that when we had some fine weather recently I was able to use some of the garden flowers to decorate the table for al fresco dining. I tend to use mostly table runners but when I use a parasol with a table I use table mats. Here are some of the outcomes.


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What’s that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” saying?


Recently I have been feeling stressed, bloated and sluggish. I drink WAY too much coffee and in an attempt to reduce my coffee intake have been dropping in occasionally to a new juicery near where I live. This isn’t the kind of juice depot that my kids love, no piles of ice cream and sugar disguised as healthy options. No this is the real deal: cold pressed nutritious pulp-free juices and super food smoothies that contain only raw organic fruit and veg. Continue reading