Our Heritage: yours for the taking.

logoWhether you are a local or a tourist visiting our country over the next couple of weeks, you will be spoilt for choice for things to do. You see, we are really and truly into what I call “Culture Season”. This week we have National Heritage Week, co-ordinated by The Heritage Council. This will be followed by Culture Night in September and Open House which runs for 3 days in October organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation.

First off: Heritage Week. With over 1700 events to choose from, this programme does a great job of building awareness and educating us about our heritage and therefore encouraging its conservation and preservation.

I defy you to not find something of interest!

So, what kind of things are there to do?


If beasts, bats and bugs take your fancy then you should check out the listings under the “Nature” heading. The website is well organised allowing you to search under category, county and date, making it easy to find something local to you. From Donegal to Waterford there are events to suit all ages with a particular emphasis this year on family events.


To whet your appetite: You could go stargazing in Stradbally or take an evening nature ramble in Lurganboy Forest in Leitrim. There are coastal and marine events, forest and woodland, garden and parks, lakes and wetlands. Get searching for something near you!



On the other hand if you are a culture vulture there is a fantastic range of buildings, homes and gardens that you could visit. There are museums and galleries, events in local communities as well as outings and walks from the historic (how about a guided tour in 18th century costume of the Casino at Marino) to the more modern (walking tour of U2’s Dublin anyone?).


If you are a history buff there are lots of events in local libraries, or you could engage in some living history (attend an Irish wake in Waterford or witness a re-enactment of the recruitment of young men at Dungarvan Barracks in World war 1). If you are just a little bit nosy you could visit some of the many historic buildings on view. (make sure you get to see some of those that are not generally open to the public such as Charleville Castle in Tullamore).


Many of the events that take place during the week are free but do require booking. The good news is, there is still time to get yourself organised. Check out the website and book yourself and your family in for some events, just do it quickly.


National Heritage Week 2014 runs from August 23rd to 31st 2014.

For more details check out