About me…

I live in Dublin, Ireland where I am a Director of Coda Architects. I taught for many years in Blackrock Further Education Institute (formerly SCD). As a designer, mother, teacher, foodie, serial house mover, I am pretty unapologetic in my opinions about anything to do with interiors / style / food and cannot not comment when out and about. The internet has changed the way I source goods and stay abreast of information relating to design, whether it’s ordering something on line or just being kept informed about an auction down the road. In this blog I hope to share some of this insight with you, exploring trends in interiors, decor,  food and entertaining and highlighting things I like. I hope it will inspire you to become more creative and to have fun in the process.

My wonderful Dad is called Paddy. His ten grandchildren call him Pad for short and so it is with much love that I have decided to call the blog Pad, both after him and as short for “passionate about design”.