What’s that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” saying?


Recently I have been feeling stressed, bloated and sluggish. I drink WAY too much coffee and in an attempt to reduce my coffee intake have been dropping in occasionally to a new juicery near where I live. This isn’t the kind of juice depot that my kids love, no piles of ice cream and sugar disguised as healthy options. No this is the real deal: cold pressed nutritious pulp-free juices and super food smoothies that contain only raw organic fruit and veg. Continue reading

How about this for a bit on the side?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow that we are getting into finer weather, longish evenings and the prospect of summer ahead it makes me think of bbq food. Last week I had a phone call from a friend. She was having 17 people to lunch and was wondering if I had any ideas of how she was going to cope with just one oven and a mini hoard to feed. Continue reading

Halloween (Part III). Food for thought.

IMG_1522In case you haven’t got it yet, I love Halloween! Actually I love anything that requires a mixture of food, decorations and an excuse to be creative (not that we need an excuse). And yes I love Christmas too so watch this space, but I promise I won’t get on to that for a few weeks yet!

So after you have carved the pumpkins you need to decide what to do with the pulp. This is a recipe for a very simple soup that requires very little work. The nuts give a lovely flavour as well as texture. Continue reading

Iron on griddle iron: seared sirloin with garlic soy infusion.

rusty ironBear with me on this one, you are probably wondering why on earth I would have a photograph of some rusty iron as a header. Well it’s because this week I have had a craving for some iron, my body telling me that it needs this particular type of fuel. And this piece of rusty iron is staring at me every day, right from my kitchen window, on my neighbour’s house. Continue reading

All about Apple…. (and I don’t mean phones)

 apple farm

This week I am going to digress a little. I did explain that I love food so it was inevitable that it would come in sooner or later. But now I have a confession to make. Since I started this blog I am cooking less. Cooking and gardening have always been my therapy. I don’t go to the gym or play tennis to unwind, I just end up in the kitchen and enjoy putting together something from nothing. Or planning an extensive menu for a large bunch of people. That’s still not a problem; it’s the family dinners after a day’s work that are killing me. Continue reading