I wished I had a wishbone chair…

IMG_2167I don’t buy shoes. That’s just silly, of course I buy shoes. It’s just that I don’t buy expensive shoes. No Louboutins for me. Not only can I not afford them, sadly I can’t walk in heels. I’m not into fancy cars either. Some people are into both. Me? I’m into design. So when I try to explain to my daughters that the chairs that they sit on to eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner are their FFH’s (that’s future family heirlooms to you and me) I get eyes thrown up to heaven, combined with exasperated sighs. Continue reading

The keys to the (future) kingdom were finally ours.

keysFinally it had come to pass. The dilapidated house was going to be ours and it was time to hand over our house to its new custodians. To prepare for the first night in our rental home where we would stay while building work was carried out, I had packed an overnight bag for each member of the family. Continue reading

The world as I see it…

featured image

I love maps and in the past I have used maps as interior decoration both as design features as well as historical and educational tools. These can range from being a riot of colour to black and white calm sophistication. They can be small and arranged in frames individually or as a collection of framed prints. In this post I will share some ideas for large scale maps which can make a statement in a room.
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Coastal Style

rosslare mantelpiece detail

This week I am on holidays. By the sea. In Ireland. It’s raining but soft rain as we say here. Therapeutic (or so I try to convince myself). After some difficulty I finally got my mobile broadband sorted and am once again connected to the world. Let the blogging commence!

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It’s a boy!

welcomeAt any one time I am working on up to a dozen blog posts. I don’t ever want to feel panicked into “Oh my God what am I going to write about this week”? After all, this is supposed to be fun! Therefore something I write in June may not appear until September, for example. I always knew that there would be seasonal things that would change (obviously I am not going to write about my summer barbecue in December or Christmas decorations in July) but broadly speaking I can be somewhat prepared. Continue reading

Storage Jars : A place for everything…

IMG_0144…and everything in its place. This phrase is variously associated with Samuel Smiles, Mrs Isabella Beeton and Benjamin Franklin. The Oxford Book of Quotations dates it from the 17th century. If only life were so simple. On the one hand I admit to being borderline OCD (a misnomer if ever there was one), on the other I can live with chaos in between massive clean ups. One way to achieve a place for everything is through clever storage solutions. This ranges from built-in wardrobes and storage cupboards throughout the house to the containers you put into these storage areas. Continue reading

Multi-tasking: It’s not just for people you know…

It seems that we are all expected to multi-task these days. Somehow we are expected to be able to be everything: run a household and keep down a job, make the dinner and supervise the homework, carry on a phone conversation whilst typing an email at the same time. It never seems to end. Continue reading

The Joy of Upcycling

IMG_0242There is recycling and then there is upcycling. We are all familiar with recycling in the home but upcycling is something else entirely.

The “Upcycling Movement” definition of upcycling is as follows:“…the repurposing of items that may otherwise be seen as “waste”. It is the process of converting these materials or “useless” products of higher value and quality, giving them a new purpose and most importantly avoiding adding them to landfill.”

I like to think of it as making something even better (sometimes more useful, sometimes prettier) than it was before. Continue reading

The most important room in the house?

I recently had dinner in a friend’s house. After a few hours and as tongues were loosened he brought up something that had obviously been bugging him. I should explain here that my friend is a very talented artist. He said that on a visit to my recently renovated house he had noticed that a beautiful drawing he had given my husband as a present was now located in the guest loo whilst in our previous house it hung in the kitchen. He clearly saw this as a demotion and my attempts to explain that this was not the case fell on deaf ears. Continue reading