Multi-tasking: It’s not just for people you know…

It seems that we are all expected to multi-task these days. Somehow we are expected to be able to be everything: run a household and keep down a job, make the dinner and supervise the homework, carry on a phone conversation whilst typing an email at the same time. It never seems to end. Continue reading

The most important room in the house?

I recently had dinner in a friend’s house. After a few hours and as tongues were loosened he brought up something that had obviously been bugging him. I should explain here that my friend is a very talented artist. He said that on a visit to my recently renovated house he had noticed that a beautiful drawing he had given my husband as a present was now located in the guest loo whilst in our previous house it hung in the kitchen. He clearly saw this as a demotion and my attempts to explain that this was not the case fell on deaf ears. Continue reading

What makes a house home?

door matI have wanted to write a blog for ages. But what to write about? I am passionate about so many different things. I am a designer. I am a mother. I am a foodie. I am a serial house mover. I am a historian. (to my x factor generation children please note that this list is in no particular order). I am unapologetic in my opinions about anything to do with interiors/style/ food and cannot not comment when out and about about what is (in my opinion) right and wrong. I am aware that people may be nervous about having me visit them. However a home is different. So don’t worry. What makes home home is the people and the, well the stuff that’s in it: the books, the pictures, the furniture, and the collective stories they all tell. The meals that have been eaten there and the memories created by occasions from the mundane to the spectacular. I hope this blog will show how an interest in design can translate to all aspects of life from the planning of a cupboard to a kids birthday party. Continue reading