Al Fresco Entertaining.

snack timeSo, the forecast is good. I don’t know about you but whenever we have good weather for a few days by the time I get around to organising having people over to dine al fresco, it rains. Well no excuses this week! Continue reading

Horray for bunting…who doesn’t love a party?

buntingIt’s a well-known fact that here in Ireland we are fixated with the weather. We spend a disproportionate amount of time conversing about it, listening to the forecasts on the radio and waiting to hear what Jean Byrne has to say (and see what’s she’s wearing) after the 9pm news. Recently we had unseasonably hot and amazing weather. (the blue sky in the photos below are NOT photoshopped). We had 7 days of mostly smiling happy people. I say mostly because I did meet a few very grumpy people in the course of the week. (They were stuck inside working and convinced that the rest of the entire country had somehow downed tools and was sunbathing). Continue reading